Cuphead download

Cuphead is a visually striking shooter game that is center on boss fighting. It excites many enthusiast gamers because of its art style and difficulty. The game features one to two players who take control of either Cuphead or his brother, Mugman, to engage in a fight through several levels, and the fight culminates in a boss battle. As players move from one run-and-gun level to another, they collect coins that can be use to buy more weapons and special abilities. Every level and detail is meticulously craft. You get to enjoy the designs as well as the soundtrack. The swingy and jazz melodies of Cuphead scaricare gratis game make players travel through time. It also lets the characters dance to joyful rhythms.

As you play, you definitely need to move quickly so as not to be attack by enemies. The soundtrack helps in leading you that way. Cuphead blends classic run-and-gun scenes with the iconic and weird art-look animations of the 1930s. It was truly puzzling to bring back old-days style into the modern gaming world were game designs keep on getting better. In a single-player mode, a player steps into the shoes of character Cuphear or Mugman. For instance, this is follow by battling across unfamiliar worlds with the aim of paying off the debt that arises from betting against the devil.

When was Cuphead Released?

Similarly, Cuphead was release on 29 September 2017. StudioMDHR is the developer of the game and its publisher as well. The inspiration for the game came from the rubber hose animation style that was utilized in the 1930s cartoons, including the work of Walt Disney and Fleischer Studios. StudioMDHR emulate their surrealist and subversive qualities. Therefore, Cuphead was the premier game to be release by StudioMDHR. Initially, Cuphead was described as difficult and obsessing. However, there have been multiple revisions to different gameplay elements that have improve the game.

One of the outstanding improvements is having multiple difficulty levels. The developer also increase the number of boss battles to 30. Others include lengthening the period a player remains active after damage before being disable. Other than this, the game has a local multiplayer mode that is devoted to both you and your friend’s determination to defeat the targets of the devil. The absence of online competition might be identified as the most evident weakness of the Cuphead game. However, the producer of Cuphead has confirm that they are looking into having an online coop mode integrated into a future version.

What is the Plot Line of Cuphead?

The game features two brothers, Cuphead and Mugman, who live under the watch of Elder Kettle. These brothers got into the devil’s casino to play craps against Kettle’s warnings. Then, they end up playing too much to the extent of betting their souls against the devil. Unfortunately, they lost and had to beg for their lives. For instance, the devil offer them a deal of collecting souls from other debtors of the devil.

So the consequence of their loss is to assist the devil in capturing souls from some wild, strange creatures to avoid losing their own. This is how the players’ quest begins. You get to battle weird monsters, including a giant carrot and boxing frogs. Different enemies are unpredictable and have special skills and fighting tactics. This makes it even harder to hit and defeat them. It takes much patience or even lots of deaths to predict the moves of your enemy.

Who are the main characters in Cuphead?


Cuphead and Mugman

He is a side-scrolling shooter who a gamer takes on as the titular hero. After that, this character can fire some unknown liquid from his gloved hands. Cuphead has a twin brother name Mugman, who is a charming troublemaker. While Cuphead takes on a blue outfit, Mugman is red-coloured. While the main character in the game is Cuphead, you shouldn’t forget the brother, Mugman, who is also a major character of the game. You will discover that playing with Mugman is always fun just as it is with Cuphead download.

Elder Kettle

Elder Kettle’s responsibility is to oversee the whole adventure. The kettle features a wise sage that is in charge of ensuring the upkeep of the siblings who are quite fragile. The elder gives constant warnings to Cuphead and his brother not to go too far from home. But one day, these twins forgot the counsel of Kettle and got into the devil’s casino. It is in the casino where they end up betting for their own soul, but they lost. Therefore, that is how they got into debts with the devil.

The Devil

The devil is the owner of the casino. When playing with Cuphead and his twin brother, he promise them all his casino riches if they won the subsequent dice roll. But if they lose, the devil was to take their souls. When it was Cuphead’s turn to roll the dice, he did so without the consent of his twin brother. As it turn out, they lost to the devil. This meant that their souls were at stake. At this point, they with the devil and were given a deal. In exchange for their souls, they were to collect the souls of devil’s debtors.

Tricks that will highly influence your success

Master different levels

Cuphead has three different levels: airplane shooter, platforming boss battles, and side-scrolling. The latter involves run and gun segments that constitute some of the finest among the game levels. They usually involve memorizing enemy patterns and platforming. Platforming boss battle is the most common level that you are likely to play. The level challenges that are quite intense as compared to other levels. The flying or aeroplane shooter level is equally fun, with fighting happening in the air. After that, your mastery of every level will help you to know what to expect at each stage of the game. Similarly, this will help you to prepare adequately for each level and set your gaming targets precisely.


You can buy power-ups from Porkrind’s shop, and they constitute the primary and secondary fighting weapons. However, there are different weapons to choose from, including the Chaser, the heave-damage Lobber, and a shotgun such as the Spread. Ensure to have adequate weaponry to guarantee success in your battles.

Get equipped with Charms

Charms are passive power that can be bought. Equip Cuphead with Charms to give him various passive abilities. These include the Coffee that makes sure your super meter is full and Smoke Bomb that enables you to become invisible during dashes.

Minimum system requirements to run Cuphead

OS:  Windows 7
Memory:  3 GB RAM
Processor:  3.0GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+, Intel Core2 Duo E8400, 3.0GHz, or higher
Storage:  4 GB available space
Graphics:  AMD HD 3870 512MB, Geforce 9600 GT, or higher
DirectX:  Version 11
Mac OS X
OS:  OS X 10.11.x
Memory:  4 GB RAM
Processor:  Intel Core i5 or higher
Storage:  4 GB available space
Graphics:  Intel HD Graphics 4000 or higher (requires Metal)

Recommended system requirements to run Cuphead

OS:  Windows 7 64-Bit
Processor:  Intel Core i3-3240 3.4GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 40
Video Card:  Radeon R7 250 v2 2GB / GeForce GT 740
RAM Free:  4 GB RAM
Disk Space:  1 GB Free
DirectX:  DirectX 9